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HIGHER Selenite Chain Choker

As above, So Below.

A dope and divine representation of your highest self in alignment with your roots! This piece is comprised of a copper wrapped selenite wand fitted on a flocked chain and complete with a fishhook closure. The perfect mixture of class and edge indeed!

ROOTED in divinity.

•Flocked Aluminum Chain

SELENITE is a special healing stone as it evokes protection from your spirit guides and opens your crown and HIGHER chakras. Also calming, Selenite helps you access information from your past and future lives. Selenite brings clarity to the user and is good for issues of the skeletal system and is good for moms who are nursing.

Chakra: Crown, Third Eye

Zodiac: Taurus

Number: 8

Affirmation: I am ONE with my divine self, my higher self and the universe.

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