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HIGH Tides Mismatched Earring Set

An ODE to the skies.

Take it to the skies with this celestial mismatched set of a hand sculpted Sun hoop and Malachite dripped moon! The copper allows for this set to shine beautifully while the accent of beads adds the perfect touch of bling. Balance your ego as represented by the moon and your emotions as represented by the sun.

ROOT yourself in knowing that your destining is already written in the skies.


MALACHITE is a stone of transformation and abundance. It is a clearer of spiritual blockages and opens up your heart to all types of love. It helps to relieve anxiety and depression. It is a powerful healer to help with arthritis, dyslexia, menstrual and fertility issues, arthritis, migraines, and to regulate blood pressure.

Chakra: Heart, Third Eye

Zodiac: Capricorn, Scorpio

Number: 9

Affirmation: Self-transformation begins with me and brings me infinite peace!

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